Welcome Aboard & Ticklist

    Logo info - If applicable e.g. * Send us over the website addresses of some logos you like on other websites & the colours you want for the logo

    Also need info @ bottom - If applicable e.g. * start it with an astrix and leave 1 line spacing between each line


    * 2-3 paragraphs about the business for the Home page e.g. overview of business, Mission statement, why people should choose you etc.

    * 2-3 paragraphs about the business for the About page e.g. Your experience, Qualifications etc.

    * List of the services you offer and 2 to 3 sentences describing each service and the benefit of using you.

    * Any brands or partners logos you want placed on the website

    * All the contact info you want on the website i.e email, phone numbers, skype etc.

    * All the social media URLS to your company e.g. Facebook, Linkedin, twitter etc.

    * Any links to websites you like the look of with a line saying what you like e.g. Colours, layout, images etc.

    * The colours you would like to the website to be

    * Any images or documents you want uploaded to the website.


    Once we have this we can get the website booked into production and a preview link sent over ASAP.